Atomic SS1 Safe Second-Yellow

Atomic SS1 Safe Second-Yellow


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Part Number:14-0002-3P Manufacturer: ATOMIC AQUATICS - 9


This isn’t your normal safe second/inflator combo. The SS1 is a fresh innovation on a longtime concept as Atomic engineered a new level of performance. While others prioritize the convenience, Atomic placed equal importance on superior materials, reliability and high-performance natural breathing. The SS1 fits virtually any BCD on the market today and actually breathes like a primary.


  • One of the most unique features of the SS1 is its adapt-ability to almost any BC. Atomic designed adapters to fit virtually every popular BC brand available (and many that are not). The adapters also include components for at-taching the cable exhaust feature of your existing BC (if applicable).
  • The SS1 features a quick disconnect not only on the low-pressure hose, but the BCD hose as well. The adapters that fit the SS1 to the BCD are connected to the SS1 with a threaded collar that can be easily unscrewed to detach it completely from the BCD enabling you to carry or store the SS1 with your primary regulator and gauges. 
  • The SS1 offers pneumatic or oral inflation for buoyancy control and back-up breathing in one small package. Large inflation and deflation buttons make it easy to use the SS1 during a dive. The SS1 is fixed to your BC and falls over the left shoulder. Since the location is fixed and it is constantly being used for inflation, a diver can locate it quickly if air sharing is required.
  • Patented Atomic Titanium Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice prevents wear of the low-pressure seat that extends the service interval and improves reliability.
  • Titanium lever is the link to your air supply and will never fail due to rust or corrosion.

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