TIDES Academy & Partner Schools

TIDES partner schools are those that either maintain a TIDES program at their school or promote participation in the program to their student body. At least two teachers or staff members at the institution must champion the program and encourage enrollment.

The program's minimum operating size is 8 students to a maximum size of 24 students per program. TIDES can be incorporated as an extracurricular credit or as an after-school club.

Teacher and Institution Benefits

Partner schools receive ongoing administrative and logistical support from Ocean First Education including:

  • • Developing tailored unit and lesson plans for their specific school culture and schedule.
  • • Responsive tech support for both the SSI and OFE online materials.

Teachers facilitating the TIDES program in their school are offered several professional development opportunities from Ocean First Education including:

  • • Training on mastery of marine science content and proficiency with the TIDES materials, resources, and instructional strategies.
  • • Comprehensive scuba diving training.
  • • Opportunity to chaperone program expeditions.

Custom Tailored Programs

The TIDES team works with each institution to create a custom program schedule tailored to the specific student body interests and within the budgetary constraints of the institution.

Each program will incorporate scuba courses, marine science courses, and a research focused expedition.

Academy Programs can incorporate any number of different course combinations from our standard TIDES Experiences. Please view our “How it Works” Page for a detailed list of course options to mix and match.

Curriculum Highlights

All science curriculum within the program is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and provides a safe and secure learning environment.

Our focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) within our courses increases engagement in, and access to, these important fields, which we hope will help combat the disproportionate representation of women in many scientific fields.

Our Current Partners

  • • Alexander Dawson Middle School
  • • Aspen Ridge Preparatory School
  • • Graland Country Day School
  • • Kent Denver Middle School

For inquiries about TIDES Academy, please contact Chrissy Frederick at chrissy.frederick@oceanfirst.blue.