Less equipment, more connection.  Learn how one breath can provide a more intimate underwater experience.


Become a Certified Freediver

Freediving is the most natural way to explore the underwater world! Unencumbered by heavy gear and noisy bubbles, freedivers are able to have more intimate encounters with marine life. Regular freediving reduces stress, promotes mindfulness, increases body awareness, and leads to a greater appreciation of the ocean. 

Whether you just want to get more comfortable before a snorkeling trip or you are an accomplished athlete looking for a new challenge, come find out how a freediving course will change your relationship with the water!

We offer monthly beginner’s courses and pool practice sessions.  Advanced courses are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  Open water dives can be completed locally or on one of our exciting coastal freediving trips.

Follow the links below to learn more about certification options and to view upcoming courses!


Advanced Freediver