Camps and Programs

At Ocean First, teaching our students to be strong, confident swimmers is just the beginning! We offer a variety of exciting avenues for students to take their swim skill and love of water to the next level. As the saying goes "all water leads to the ocean,” and we have created our camps and programs to serve that theme. Prior offerings have included swim stroke training, snorkeling, freediving, scuba diving, mermaid experiences, marine science lessons, water safety, ocean-themed crafts, and more!

We look forward to showing students how fun it is to explore and learn about the ocean and hope we can motivate them to protect it. We can’t wait to grow our community of ocean enthusiasts! Check out our current program offerings below.


Swim and Marine Science Camp

Looking for a fun camp where your kids can learn about the exciting depths of the ocean? Sign up for our Swim and Marine Science Camp! Students will spend 90 minutes in the classroom learning about ocean animals and marine habitats through crafts, hands-on experiments, games, and more. After that, they jump into the pool for a 30-minute swim lesson to learn water safety and swim skills and have tons of fun!

Age: 5-8 year olds 
No swim experience is required.






Ocean Discovery Camp

Does your child love to explore and play in the water? Send them to Ocean   Discovery Camp! This camp is a great start for your child's journey into water adventure, marine science education,  and ocean conservation. Throughout the week, students will spend time in the classroom learning how the ocean impacts them, how they impact the ocean, and ways they can explore the ocean. In the pool, students will improve their swimming skills, learn to snorkel, and will get to try freediving and scuba diving! Through experiential learning and collaboration, each young ocean enthusiast will discover what gets them excited about the ocean while meeting new friends and having fun.

Age: 9-12 year olds
Must be a Beginner lll level swimmer or higher

*if you do not know your child's swim level, please email us at to schedule a free evaluation!