Youth Swim Classes

With classes tailored for children as young as 6 months, it is never too soon to introduce your kids to the water. Learn more about choosing the right class for your child.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is water safety and confidence. Our teachers are trained and certified in the SSI (Swim Schools International) methodology, ensuring a consistent and effective learning environment.

Class Schedule

We are a year-round teaching facility that strives to accommodate all schedules. We include open enrollment and a flexible make-up policy. You can find and schedule swim lessons here.

Ocean First swimmers develop their abilities, overcome fears, and gain confidence in no time. Our teachers are trained and certified in the Swim Schools International (SSI) methodology, emphasizing both skill development and comfort in the water. Our classes are tailored to the individual swimmer based on ability, not on a timeframe for completion. It means swimmers can move to the next level when they are ready instead of waiting for the entire class to reach their final goals. Our state-of-the-art facility, friendly and professional staff, small class sizes, and flexible scheduling ensure swimmers develop confidence and new skills while having a lot of fun along the way.

Private facility with 89°F indoor pool
Friendly and highly-trained swim teachers
Semi-private 4:1 class sizes
Voted Boulder County’s Best Green Business

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Learning Doesn't Stop When Class Is Over

At the Ocean First Swim School, our commitment to education doesn't stop at swim lessons. We appreciate all aspects of the underwater world and love bringing our other passions into the fold, such as in our Marine Science Mini Camp. Kids ages 4-8 explore questions about our amazing ocean and its inhabitants through hands-on activities, storytelling, and games before moving into the pool to develop their swim techniques in our week-long intensive Marine Science Mini Camp.

Swim Club is a class for Intermediate and Advanced level students to work on competitive swimming techniques, endurance, and speed. This class is perfect for students who are preparing to join a swim team, desiring a challenging workout, or simply seeking more time to have fun in the water!

Ocean First Swim School is proud to be an official service partner for Boulder's new PLAYpass program. PLAYpass provides eligible youth with up to $250 towards participation in approved sports and recreation programs.