Ocean First Institute

Ocean First Institute is a non-profit organization with the mission of ocean conservation through research and education. This organization is unique because they value the synergy between research and education. The purpose of their research is to protect ocean wildlife and critical habitats. They use the stories and experiences from their fieldwork to educate and inspire young people in classrooms all over the world.

Ocean First Institute's programs are built around students being able to work alongside passionate marine scientists and educators in both the classroom and the field. OFI is currently working in K12 schools in 7 counties in Colorado and is also expanding virtual outreach to increase the work we do into a larger community, nationwide.

Their current key projects with high schools across the front range include the award-winning Northern Redbelly Dace recovery and restoration species conservation and the Plastic Pollution Solutions research program. Both of these projects engage students in substantive and relevant field research, data analysis, and solutions summits.

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