The SSI Dive Professional Career Path

Whether for your own personal development or to start a whole new career, becoming a SSI dive professional is a very gratifying and transformative experience. In addition to learning new skills and developing a deeper understanding of scuba diving and physiology, it’s also incredibly fun and rewarding.

Ocean First is ready to help you launch your pro career. We’re able to certify professionals from Dive Guide through Open Water Instructor and can cross over existing professional ratings from other certifying agencies. If you’re interested in exploring a position with Ocean First or otherwise growing your scuba career, contact us today to learn how you can share your passion for scuba diving and do what you really love.

Ocean First offers a variety of professional courses throughout the year. You can view our full schedule of upcoming professional courses here! We allow for flexibility in the span of time it takes to complete the full professional course, and often encourage our instructors-to-be to take time to practice their new skills before embarking on the next step of the program.


The Dive Professional Track

Step 1: Dive Guide/Divemaster. Dive Guide Certification is the entry level for an SSI Dive Professional and qualifies a person to guide dive excursions for certified Open Water Divers and teach Scuba Skills Updates for certified divers. Dive Master is a rating awarded after a Dive Guide completes the Science of Diving Specialty.

Step 2: Assistant Instructor Certification qualifies a person to assist an SSI Open Water Instructor in teaching certified and non certified divers.

Step 3: Open Water Instructor Training prepares a student for the Open Water Instructor Final Examination, which is administered by an SSI Instructor Certifier.

Step 4: The Instructor Examination is usually conducted over a two-day period where an Instructor Certifier evaluates the Instructor Candidate on their teaching ability, knowledge, and skills demonstrations. After successful completion, the candidate is awarded the Open Water Instructor Certification.