Our Vision

Our Vision: Ocean First is reinventing the dive industry by shifting the paradigm and creating educated, impassioned environmental stewards. We offer swimming, diving, traveling, youth camps, and marine science programs.

Certified B-Corp

As the premiere B-Corp in the industry, Ocean First is committed to using business as a force for good. We strive for continued improvement and are mindful of how our business practices affect our greater community.

Our Community

The Ocean First community is alive with socials, parties, training and outreach programs, cleanups, and some of the best adventures on the planet. Check out our calendar of events to see how you can get involved today.

Ocean First creates a powerful ecosystem where swimming, diving, adventure, education, and preservation come together to form a dynamic community. Whether you get certified, bring in your child for swimming lessons, or travel across the globe with us, you can expect the same level of attention, safety, and compassion.

Private year-round facility with 89°F indoor pool
Friendly and highly-trained swim teachers
4:1 class sizes
Voted Boulder County’s Best Green Business OR Eco-friendly practices and products