2mm Elate Shorty

2mm Elate Shorty


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Part Number:001490GRY-5014 Manufacturer: BARE - 145 SIZE:

Elate combines fit, comfort and flexibility for outstanding multi-sport performance. Designed with watersport-inspired styling, anatomically correct 3D patterns, and a proprietary blend of neoprene and laminate, Elate creates a more comfortable diving and watersport experience in and on the water.

“Many manufacturers claim they have designed the most flexible and comfortable wetsuit on the market. With its Revel for men and Elate for women, BARE may have a shot at the title! Thanks to the extremely stretchy material, thin rubber knee pads, and smooth lining, the Revel and Elate are both flexible and comfy.”

– DIVE.in review for the Revel and Elate

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