Bare Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest - Mens

Bare Ultrawarmth Hooded Vest - Mens


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Part Number:003174BLK-10S Manufacturer: BARE - 145 SIZE: :

Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests are designed to keep you warm throughout your core and head with high-loft Ultrawarmth Omnired™ Infrared Thermal technology embedded in the inner fabric. Omnired™ is scientifically proven and FDA-determined to conserve body heat and accelerate thermal recovery. GEN2 hood vent allows trapped air to escape and prevents water from entering, while skin-in face seal—and neck seal that mates with the wetsuit collar— prevents water flushing.

Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests can be worn inside or outside your wetsuit and can be added to any wetsuit for added core warmth.

As with any fitted product, purchase the size you think will fit you and if it doesn’t when you come to pick it up we’ll be happy to exchange it for you!

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