Three Reasons Why We Teach The Roll-Over Breath Technique

Ocean First   Jun 26, 2022


Why Teach The Roll-Over Breath Technique?

Being able to take an independent breath is essential to swimming. While there are different methods of thought for how to best teach this skill, Ocean First Swim School's internationally recognized training program, Swim Schools International (SSI), teaches the roll-over breath technique for three main reasons:

  1. It is safer than a front breath because it allows swimmers an opportunity to transition into a back float if they are tired.
  2. It teaches the swimmers to maintain a good horizontal swimming position and forward momentum, which allows the swimmer to move more efficiently through the water.
  3. The roll-over breath is a prerequisite for side breath, which is used in level 2 swim classes.

In every level 1 class, from Baby & Me up to Beginner III, you will see progressions of the roll-over breath. We start by teaching independent back and face floats and then we link the two together. This is a life-saving skill that is also key to forward propulsion in swimming.