Wireless Transmitter Support

Question: Why does my Vyper Air computer display the word “FAIL” in the lower left corner?

Answer: First, take comfort in the fact that the computer itself has not failed, rather, the link with the transmitter has failed. In most cases it can easily be remedied.

The wrist unit may be out of range. If this happens, the unit will display "FAIL" and last know tank pressure. Once it is back within range it will display PSI again. The range is approximately 3-4 ft.

"FAIL" will be displayed if there is no cylinder pressure change for 1 minute. If there is no cylinder pressure change after 5 minutes, the display will be "FAIL and - - - -" alternately. To get the PSI reading back, just purge the line or breathe off of 2nd stage.

Perhaps the “CODE” has been changed on Transmitter. This can happen if the cylinder has been shut down, the regulator purged, and then the cylinder turned back on rapidly. If the code has been changed in the transmitter then it will not link up to wrist unit until the wrist unit has been manually cleared to receive a new code.

To clear the CODE in the wrist unit, go through AIR DIVE SETTINGS by pressing and holding the lower left button for two seconds. Using the bottom right button, scroll to “Tank Pressure” and select it by pressing the “SELECT” (upper left) button. Select “ON” and the next screen will display the code. Highlight “Clear” and select it. Press “MODE” (right upper) button and try linking the transmitter again.

It is possible that the battery in the transmitter may be dead, or that the transmitter is flooded. In either of these situations, return your transmitter to your authorized Aqua Lung dealer. They will be able to change the battery for you or send it back to Aqua Lung in case of flood.

Recoding Your Wireless Transmitter

One of the best ways to prevent a "fail" message on your wrist unit is to always pressurize (turn-on) your system as slowly as possible. Most dive guides turn on the air way too quickly which will cause your system to try re-code but will be unsuccessful.

Re-Coding your Transmitter for the SuuntoVyper Air/D4i/D6i/D9/DX computers

On the wrist unit in the dive settings menu under tank pressure, turn both the tank pressure off and clear the code

With the computer in dive mode (not time mode) press the lower left (down) button for 2 seconds to get into the dive settings menu.

Once in the dive settings menu use the "up" (lower right) and "down" (lower left) buttons to scroll until you get to "Tank Pressure"

Hit the "Select" (upper left) button to enter the Tank Pressure menu

To turn your TankPress off use the "up" or "down" button until it is highlighted and then hit "select" once TankPres is highlighted as "off"

Once you hit select on the TankPress setting the menu should take you to your Code screen. Use the same procedure to clear the code as you did for the tank pressure.

Once you hit select to clear the code it will take you back to the Dive Settings mode. Hit the "mode" (upper right) button and that will take you out of the settings and into regular dive mode.

Lay down the computer for now.

With the regulator connected to a full air tank turn the air on slowly to pressurize the system.

Immediately turn the air off once it is fully turned on.

Immediately purge the 2nd stage once the air is off and count aloud 10 seconds

Immediately and very quickly turn the air on to pressurize

Lay the wrist unit over the transmitter and turn the Tank Pressure setting back on on the wrist unit (using steps from #1 above). If you wait around 30 sec (most take that long as the sample rate is anywhere between 15-30sec) a new code should appear. If no code appears, purge the system so it registers an air change. If the original code reappears it is most likely due to waiting more or less than 10 sec or not immediately doing the steps above.