Service Rates

We are authorized to service:

Club Aquarius Members receive discounted rates for all service items.

Regulators: $40 Per Stage

Regulator service includes complete disassembly of all stages, followed by degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts.  Our certified technicians then reassemble the regulator per manufacturer specifications using only manufacturer parts and service kits. The regulator is then tested on our flow bench for inhalation and exhalation resistance and intermediate pressure and is adjusted as needed. Lastly, the regulator undergoes a leak test and is taken on a simulated dive to ensure it is operating at peak performance. This also applies to integrated Alternate Air Sources. Parts are not included.

BCD Service: $40

The BCD service includes disassembly, inside and outside cleaning, including the power inflator and dump valves, examination of all straps and releases, and a comprehensive leak test. Parts are not included.

Computer Battery Changes: Pricing Varies

We can change and test batteries on many manufacturers’ user-changeable computers.  We are also a Level 1 service Center for Suunto so are able to service SuuntoDive computers (Unfortunately, we are unable to service and do not have parts for Suunto sporting watches). If we are unable to do the service here we are happy to send your product out to the MFR.

Gear Inspection: $40/Full Set of Regulator & BCD

While the Manufacturers suggest having gear serviced every two years, they also recommend having it inspected in between years just to make sure it is safe for your trip. We’ll put your gear on our flo bench and test it to make sure it falls within manufacturer specifications. If it does not we offer you the opportunity to upgrade to a full service and apply what you would have paid for the Inspection towards it. Please note, this is not a great option if you have not had your gear serviced in more than two years. This service does not replace any parts or o-rings.

Visual Cylinder Inspection: $30

A visual inspection of high pressure cylinders is critical to safe diving practices and must be performed every year. Corrosion is by far the single greatest cause of cylinder damage. Our certified technicians go through a rigorous 18-step inspection process to ensure your cylinder is safe for diving.

Hydrostatic Cylinder Test: $40

Hydrostatic testing determines if a tank is structurally sound and will not burst under pressure. To determine how much your tank expands underwater, we place it in a water-filled pressure chamber and measure the amount of water disbursed. A hydrostatic test needs to be performed every five years.

Full Gear Cleaning Service: $35

Just returning from a dive trip and want your equipment rinsed and cleaned?  Bring in your BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and fins and we will happily clean and dry your gear for you.

Equipment Trade-In Program If you are still rocking the Cousteau look, it’s time to upgrade! We accept regulator trade-ins and will give you up to a $250 credit towards the purchase of a new air delivery system. We also honor BCD and wetsuit trade-ins and will apply $50 towards a new BCD and $25 towards a new full-length wetsuit. Don’t forget to upgrade your kid's snorkel gear too! We offer a $5 credit for masks, snorkels, or fins towards the purchase of new equipment.

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