AquaLung Pro HD Compact BCD

AquaLung Pro HD Compact BCD


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Part Number:BC1650108SM Manufacturer: AQUALUNG - 8 SIZE:


  • Tired of paying excess baggage fees? This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back-inflation BCD is everything you need without extra weight or bulk. Lift it and feel for yourself that even a ML/LG weighs less than 4.75lb/2.2kg with airway and weight pockets


  • Innovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack
  • A valve strap pulls the top of the cylinder in towards the center of gravity transferring the load to the hips and relieving the shoulders
  • Snap in the integrated SureLock II Weight Release System pockets with an audible “click-inch and quickly remove them with one smooth pull
  • Great packability – flat or rolled

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