Rook Knife

Rook Knife


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Part Number:KN500 Manufacturer: XS SCUBA - 134

Compact knives, like the Rook, lend themselves to a variety of mounting locations. Though small in size, it remains very effective at removing entanglements. Monofilament, nets and kelp are no match for its sharp blade.

Compact, low-profile backup knife

Rust-free 304 grade stainless steel

Modified blunt tip 2.75 in (70 mm) blade

Advanced serration and line cutter

Easy release, positive-locking sheath

Five versatile options for mounting

Hose mount to Miflex HP hose (8 mm)

Hose mount to full size rubber HP or LP hose (13 mm)

Hose mount to Miflex LP hose (13 mm)

Mount to BC/harness, thumbscrews included

Attach to leg or arm (0.75 in (19 mm) wide straps not included)

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