Rogue Waistband Assembly

Rogue Waistband Assembly


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Part Number:BC1261002 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG - 8 Size:

Waistband comes complete with and adjustable waist strap with squeeze-style side-release buckle and hook and loop closure pockets. The left side waistband has knife mounting grommets on pocket flap. ModLock connectors easily click into place and are simply unlocked with a small tool such as a key or pen. Comes in three sizes with assembly instructions.



  • Aqua Lung's ModLock Technology
  • Durable Proprietary Materials
  • ModLock Connectors
    Used w/Aqua Lung Rogue
    3-Sizes for Complete Customization
  • Adjustable Waist Strap w/Squeeze-Style Side-Release Buckle
  • Hook & Loop Closure Pockets
  • Left Side Waistband: Knife Mounting Grommets On-Pocket-Flap

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