Apeks DSX Dive Computer

Apeks DSX Dive Computer


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Part Number:NS158000 Manufacturer: Apeks Size: WRIST

The DSX dive computer represents the latest in wearable technology designed specifically for serious technical divers and recreational divers who demand the highest quality instruments available. Apeks, renowned for its robust equipment, has loaded this device with state-of-the-art features such as sidemount and CCR mode, induction or cable charging, and the ability to manage up to 6 gases. The included O2 analyzer plugs directly into the DSX for highly accurate dive planning. Downloading computer information is easy with DiverLog+ app for iOS and Android via Bluetooth. With the DSX, you can take your diving to the next level and be fully prepared for any adventure that awaits you.


• Powerful feature rich multi-function technical diving computer
• Air integrated and suitable for use with up to 6 transmitters, ideal for sidemount diving (Optional transmitter not included)
• Use up to 6 gasses
• GPS function allows you to mark waypoints on the surface and allows you to navigate back to your entry point
• Sidemount mode with gas switch notification
• Titanium outer bezel to save weight and ensure maximum durability

Packed with Features:

• CCR Mode
• Sport Mode
• Sidemount Mode
• Guage Mode
• Digital 3D Compass
• User Settable Gradient Factors
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Vibration Alarms
• Ambient Light Sensor


• DSX Computer
• Gas analysing module (no cell supplied, use standard R22D cell).
• Induction charging mat
• Charging cable
• Bungee strap
• Elastic strap
• Quick start guide
• Reusable protective storage case storage case

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