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With a Dry Suit Diving specialty course, never fear cold water again! Learn the basics of dry suit diving and ensure your comfort and safety underwater.

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Step 1: Online Digital Materials and Exam

After enrollment, you will be given a log-in to access your online training materials to complete at your leisure. Please make sure you complete all of your online training BEFORE your class to ensure that you get the most value from the classroom and pool training. Estimated completion time = 3 hours

Step 2: Classroom and Pool Session

Offered on-site in our classroom and indoor swimming pool. You will learn how to assemble your drysuit, learn no skills, and practice how to safely and comfortably dive in a dry suit. Estimated completion time = 3 hours

Step 3: Open Water Training Dives (2) - (Sold separately)

Two open water dives are required and can be completed in various locations. You will apply your knowledge and skills in open water under the instruction and supervision of an Ocean First instructor. We recommend completing these dives within 6 months of completing your classroom session.

Locations for open water dives include:

  • Aurora Reservoir - Aurora, CO (June - October) (monthly, June - September)
  • Blue Hole, NM


  • Open water diver - From an internationally recognized training agency. (SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI, etc.)
  • 10 years of age and up

Gear Requirements:

Dry suits may be purchased or rented from Ocean First. All divers renting drysuits from OF are required to purchase their own custom fit neck and wrist seals that are compatible with our rental suits. Our friendly staff will help you when purchasing or renting your drysuit.

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