• Altitude Diver -

Altitude Diver -

When diving at altitudes higher than 1000’, your dive table changes. Altitude Diving teaches you how to safely plan dives at high altitudes.

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Step 1: Virtual Classroom

We now offer the classroom portion online via webinar via Zoom! After successful completion you will qualify to use your new knowledge and demonstrate your skills in open water for certification. Estimated completion time = 2 hours

Step 2: Open Water Training Dives (2) - (Sold separately)

Three open water dives are required and can be completed in various locations. You will dive under the instruction and supervision of an Ocean First instructor. We recommend completing these dives within 6 months of completing your classroom session.

Locations for open water dives include:

  • The Blue Hole - Santa Rosa, NM
  • Homestead Crater - Midway, UT
  • SSI Referral - We can arrange a referral to virtually any dive destination around the world


  • Open water diver - From an internationally recognized training agency. (SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI, etc.)
  • 12 years of age and up

Gear Requirements:

Dive computer

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