Tips For Traveling Green

Ocean First   Jul 05, 2022

Sustainable living is a way of life that helps you and our planet! Do you live green at home, but struggle to continue that type of living when you are traveling? Here are some tips for traveling green, so you can live just as sustainable out in the world as you do in your own home!

Pack a reusable water bottle! This will not only allow you to keep water with you at all times - because airplanes and travel dehydrate your body - you can also avoid plastic bottles or cups that are harmful to our planet.

When flying, try to book non-stop flights if possible. These flights use less gas because they are quicker and don’t have to land or take off multiple times, compared to taking numerous planes, which means more time in the air and more gas consumed.

Pack a set of reusable utensils (and straw) when traveling, so anytime you eat or drink something on the go, you can avoid the single-use plastic cutlery that are so prolific at airports and on-the-go establishments.

RECYCLE!!! Recycle any viable waste you end up with throughout your travels, so you are at least doing what you can to minimize your impact on the Earth when a reusable option isn’t available.

Try to rent a hybrid or electric car if you plan to rent a car while traveling, so you can cut down on your gas use while out and about on your adventure. This cuts down on your carbon footprint and encourages more companies to carry hybrid options.

Limit indulging in hotel's oversized bathtubs and shower instead. Showering uses much less water than a bath, so taking showers and making them short shrinks your water usage.
Turn off all lights, AC or heating units, and electronics such as TVs, when you leave your room. Whether staying at a house, hotel, on a boat, or wherever your journey takes you, turning things off when they are not in use can save lots of electricity, and is safer than leaving things on or plugged in. Bonus points if you choose to actually unplug them!

Walk, bike, or use public transportation whenever you can. Walking or biking doesn’t use gas or electricity, and taking public transportation cuts down on your carbon footprint, making it a practical and green option when traveling. You also will find yourself more intune with the local’s daily life, offering a more immersed cultural experience.

Pick up any trash that you see when exploring new places, and avoid touching or feeding wildlife. The motto “leave it cleaner than you left it” is a great one to live by, especially when out in nature.

Pack reusable bags with you when traveling. You can use them for toting your personal possessions,  carrying souvenirs and other finds when shopping, and even for collecting your trash and recycling if you are not close to a disposal area.

Look for eco-friendly tourist operators when searching for things to do on vacation. With a little extra effort,  you can find companies that value ecosystems, animals, and our planet, while giving you an amazing experience with a clear conscience.

Eat green! Look for restaurants that are local, healthy, and/or have farm-to-table foods. These establishments usually pay close attention to the environment and their impact on it, with a sense of caring that usually extends to the customer as well.