Ocean First in Indonesia 2016

Ocean First   Jul 05, 2022

Ocean First, led by Graham and Klara, returned to one of our favorite countries in the world: Indonesia. Every island in the vibrant Coral Triangle has something special to offer, and this trip was dedicated to exploring Raja Ampat and Misool. From absolutely stunning, lively reefs to underwater dances with giant mantas, the underwater sights did not disappoint. Topside activities included cultural experiences with local villages and schools, along with plenty of relaxing time with the toes in the sand and eyes on the horizon.

While in Misool, Ocean First's Graham and Klara were afforded the opportunity to film the seizure of an illegal fishing boat, a gruesome and life-changing sight that only further inspired our commitment to ocean conservation. Watch the short documentary produced by Ocean First Education and Klarified Productions, which helps Misool tell their story, their struggle to keep the MPA protected, and the consequences of our unabated craving for seafood products.


For the full feature, check out Protected Waters, the extended cut of Ocean First's trip to Papua Explorers Dive Resort in Raja Ampat and the marine protected area surrounding Misool Eco Resort.