9 Ways To Make Long Travel Days More Bearable

Ocean First   Jul 05, 2022

Some of the most sought-after dive destinations can literally feel a world away, sometimes requiring days of travel. We know that it’s worth the discomfort, but 36 hours on the move can feel incredibly daunting. I have been an active international traveler for more years than I can count and work with a staff of trip leaders with decades of experience. Together, we assembled our favorite helpful tips to make long trips more comfortable and, dare we say, enjoyable!

1.Pack a change of clothes and a swimsuit in your carry-on luggage. In the unlikely event that your checked luggage is delayed, you will be able to put on some fresh clothes and relax by the pool or on the beach. If you are on a scuba trip, many folks choose to bring their dive computer, camera, mask, and regulators if space permits.

2.Invest in high-quality noise-canceling headphones. I always use them on the plane and in loud terminals during layovers.

3.Pack hearty snacks in your carry-on bag and always bring a reusable water bottle to fill up inside the terminal. Hunger and dehydration are two ways to make your long day even longer.

4.If Economy Plus or Premium Economy is available it is often worth the small upgrade fee to snag a better seat, unless you can fly business class, of course!

5.Do your research when selecting your seat so that you don’t get stuck in a seat that does not fully recline or is right next to the restrooms. Our travel hack: Seat Guru. You will find maps of every aircraft configuration along with helpful hints about which seats to avoid.

6.If you are traveling with another person and want to sit together, book an aisle and window seat. There’s a chance that you will get lucky with no one choosing to book the middle seat.

7.Take a picture of your passport ID page so in case it gets lost, you have a copy on your phone. It’s also a good idea to print out a scanned copy of your passport and saving it in a different bag than your real one. There’s true comfort in knowing your identity is safe.

8.Use the USB outlet in your hotel’s TV to charge your devices. More chargers than outlets? This tip has saved me from device triage more than once.

9.Always treat the ticket agents, gate agents, and flight attendants with respect. A smile and a few ounces of patience can go far with people who spend long work days with unpleasant and upset travelers. It is amazing what a resourceful agent can pull off, especially when they are willing to go the extra mile for someone who’s attitude has been a bright light during a bad day.

Until the next adventure!

Amy Christopher, Ocean First Director of Travel