A Rising Tide: More Than Just a Diving Story

Ocean First   Jul 06, 2022

We are fast approaching the grand finale of the A Rising Tide web series and you have a chance to be part of the story!! Mishka, a Billboard-charting reggae artist with a passion for ocean conservation, has been a part of the A Rising Tide journey from the beginning, licensing his music to be used in the series. Mishka will be flying to Colorado this Thursday, June 28th, to give the series a proper conclusion- an intimate acoustic concert for the A Rising Tide scholars, family, and supporters. Our small film crew will be capturing the moment to include in the web series finale.

There are only a handful of tickets left, but that means there is still time to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. All ticket proceeds go to our non-profit partner, Ocean First Institute, to help further their mission of ocean conservation through research and education.


Creating a Lasting Legacy

When Graham founded Ocean First eleven years ago, he had a vision for a dive shop that created a new generation of ocean stewards. It is extremely befitting that he marked his 1000th dive surrounded by a symbol of that dream: the A Rising Tide scholars on their inaugural open water dives. These scholars now have the tools and the motivation to go into the world and create real, positive change for the environment.

Catch Up On The Journey

The A Rising Tide scholars recently returned from the Florida Keys where they got their first look at the underwater world. From first plane rides to sea sickness, the expedition had its fair share of excitement and the scholars found themselves bonding on a level that none of them had expected. Watch it all in the final episodes of this life-changing series.