A Message From Our Founder

Ocean First   Jul 06, 2022

To our beloved customers,

Spring is only four weeks away, and with all the work going on at Ocean First it's hard to believe winter is almost over. It started over the holidays with the addition of two new deck showers and then moved to the back alley where we are finishing a new employee rec area and a much-needed oversized storage shed. Finally, we completed phase one of our showroom overhaul, which included removing three large “surfboards" and most of our slat wall and replacing them with more modern and versatile product displays. We also brought a lot of new color to the retail area, including a striking orange accent wall. We hope you love our new digs as much as we do!

Most importantly, we wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this eventful period. We recognize that both the parking and construction noises can be a frustrating detraction from your experience at Ocean First, so we’re working to wrap up everything as soon as possible. On behalf of your entire Ocean First family, THANK YOU!! If you haven’t been to the shop in the last few weeks, make sure to come by soon.

Much love,

Graham Casden

Ocean First Co-Founder