Air Fills

Backcountry Access and Mammut cylinder refills: $10

Paintball cylinders: $10

Standard scuba tank refill: $10


Tank Inspections

Visual Inspection: $30

An annual visual inspection is required in order for any dive shop to be able to fill your tank. It is a straightforward procedure that our service technicians perform to ensure that your tank is still safe to fill; technicians keep an eye out for contaminants, bowing, corrosion, and cracks.

Hydrostatic testing: $40

A hydrostatic test is required to be performed every 5 years. The cylinder goes to a licensed tester and is put under extreme pressure to verify that it is still a viable cylinder. If it fails that test it is condemned and destroyed. After the hydro test, it then goes through a visual inspection.

Valve Rebuild: $20

A valve rebuild is recommended to be performed every year but is mandatory at the time of the hydrostatic test. The valve is completely disassembled cleaned and then reassembled with new seals.