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TIDES Academy

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TIDES was developed collaboratively between Ocean First and Ocean First Education in 2009 to connect students to the ocean, regardless of where they live. Experiences are tailored to help young minds develop the lifelong skills that will serve them as the leaders, scientists, and environmentalists of tomorrow. Place-based learning expeditions in each course are designed to inspire and challenge even the most ambitious young minds and increase engagement in many STEM disciplines. This immersive, experiential program combines confidence-building scuba diving, classroom science, and fieldwork to give students an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. By the time students graduate from the TIDES program, students will have a developed and refined understanding of the marine environment and be well-positioned to pursue a career in a number of related fields.

Patient and highly trained instructors
4:1 student to instructor class size ratios
Peer learning
STEM focused

Saving the Ocean One Student at a Time.

The interdisciplinary nature of the TIDES program lends to partnerships with several amazing organizations. Mentioned are a few groups that our program continues to support and exchange ideas, content, research partnerships, and place-based learning opportunities to achieve the overall goal of creating environmental stewards for our Ocean.

MarineLab, Key Largo Florida

“Our mission is to use education and adventure in the Florida Keys ecosystem to foster environmental awareness and stewardship on a local, regional, and global scale.” Through our Ocean First Key Largo Dive Shop location, the TIDES Program routinely ventures to MarineLab for exciting fieldwork and lab activities in the vibrant mangroves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs of the Keys. Learn More

Ocean First Institute

Ocean First Institute’s educational programming, research, and conservation projects inspire young minds to explore marine science and innovate new ways to understand and protect the ocean. TIDES courses will often incorporate work on current OFI research projects for students to get hands-on experience in data collection and research techniques while working with real marine scientists. Learn More